Welcome to Ink 4 Cake Wholesale Store

Ink 4 Cake specializes in selling edible printers and supplies using only the latest technologies in edible inks and edible papers. Our extensive printing and technical knowledge has produced the best cake printers on the market. Using high quality and affordable imaging systems we made it possible for bakers and cake decorators to show off their creativity and increase their profits, without having to spend thousands of dollars on an edible printer .

We are the solution for all of your edible printing needs. We provide today's small or big business and home bakers with exceptional quality edible printers technology, using revolutionary ideas . Most important of all, we specialize in reducing your printing costs.

If you are not wholesale customer please visit our retail store  Ink4Cakes

Our focus on  one touch processes from start to finish, allows our customers to cut costs, not corners.
As a highly successful company, we understand that success must be based on saving you valuable time and money. That is why we provide the easiest way to do what you like the most , making cakes.

Ink 4 Cakes offer a unique service combining high-quality products coupled with fast delivery and excellent customer service. A complete line from Edible Printers to edible inks and icing sheets  are delivered with free-shipping option and there is also money-back guarantee. In most urgent situations, Ink 4 Cakes make it possible to ship overnight same day or pick up in one of our stores. .

The customer support executives from the company are ready to support, answer the queries and properly manage each and every issue on time. They provide the opportunity to their customers to send their questions through e-mails 24 hours per day or they can also have telephonic conversation with 10 am - 4 pm live supports and get their issues fixed. Our goal is to successfully manage crucial aspects and other technical issues of the customers and meeting their demands and needs .